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I am Pieter, Father of 4 children Tristan, Tobias, Tiebe and Ana├»s. I started this project together with Biri because we believe that everyone has the right to be healthy and happy ... everyone has a different way to find inner happiness and peace and we are ready to do our part to facilitate the surroundings to invite everyone. Storkershorst, the first InnEssence center has a rich history. Before the war as a boarding school for boys and after the war as a spiritual center.  When I came to Stokershorst with my 3 boys and saw them brighten up, I was sure ... Stokershost is not just an estate; but a place of healing and relaxation where everyone can be themselves. The center is renovated and InnEssence was born to create a place where people can relax and rediscover who they really are.

Why did I choose to change my life and start InnEssence? My oldest son Tristan, as a 1 year old got a 50% chance of survival, he had a bone tumor in his back. A challenging period in which we as parents of Tristan made decisions out of fear and were left with a feeling of guilt. As parents we chose for very strong and harmfull therapies.  For 7 years I had the drive from that guilt to support people in the same situation. With every family I supported, I got closer to the core of my truth while often unknown and strong therapies supported me on this path ... In my opinion, approaching the disease symptomatically is just a small first step, a society is then responsible to support families/people in this.
A second more important step is to investigate and understand why you or your child has become ill and how to deal with it. Coaches and therapists, but especialy "you" are also the key to this. It seems logical that you have more chance of healing in nature, with healthy food and less stress and more oxygen ... why does it sometimes seem so difficult for us to accept this and live it?

I understood, and in order to be really happy i had to gain insights into the deeper reason for my own and my sons illness/pain it was a crucial and important factor of truely feel better and in balance again.
 In peace, simplicity and close to your core it is possible to become authentic again. Let creativity grow and your energy restored.

That is why we invite everyone to enjoy your real, authentic "me" ... and that is possible here. Of course prevention is the way to be and stay healthy ... we hope to help you with this and to invite everyone who wants to enjoy this piece of nature. That is why I believe we can be examples for our fellow human beings, inspire them by living back in more simplicity and togetherness ...

The next step in the InnEssence story takes us to other places in the world where we want to further spread this concept and way of life. Biri and me set up an international foundation to expand the dream. In InnEssence Netherlands we are now a strong group of people living and working together to continue this mission. 

Pieter van Reeth

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