10 October 2019


Awaken The Body, Connect To The Heart is a transformative 3 or 6 day retreat offering a unique opportunity to drop deeply into your body and awaken your essence nature using Breathwork, De-armouring (internal and external) & Energetic Ecstatic Experiences (full body energy “orgasms”). The retreat is an inward exploration designed to offer a safe space to move-through and transmute your somatic, emotional and energetic blockages.

For all beings: women, men, LGBTQ+, singles and partners.
Only 26 spots available
The workshop will be held in English.

In these 4 days retreat we will…

• Learn to trust, allow and surrender to our body wisdom and tacit knowledge.

• Move through and transform our somatic and energetic blockages, stored emotions, sexual traumas, fears and anxieties.

• Strengthen our vagal tone (vagus nerve) using sound, breath and cold showers taking us out of our “fight and flight” and into our “rest and restore” parasympathetic nervous system.

• Reach higher states of consciousness by experiencing ‘cosmic bliss states’.

• Awaken areas of the body which have become energetically or physically de-sensitized by reconnecting with our ‘felt state’.

• Practice presence and ‘involved detachment’ when giving and receiving.

• Strengthen our intuition and ‘observation without projection’.

• Explore fun and play through dance.


Nathan’s journey began in 1995 when he was first introduced to hatha yoga and meditation. In 2003 he began exploring other avenues of spirituality from Kundalini based teachings in Kathmandu, Vipassana trainings in Canada, followed by his initiation in Reiki levels 1 & 2 in Northeastern Thailand. In 2015, after years of self practice in yoga, meditation and Reiki, Nathan was intuitively pulled to attend a Tantra festival in Sweden where he was introduced to Breathwork, De-armouring and what he calls an Energetic Ecstatic Experience.

“This experience (in Sweden) completely shifted my life’s path and transformed how I viewed it and sexuality. I awoke to the reality that the alignment of ones' life force or sexual energy could bring great awakening. I have never felt so empowered knowing that my true essence - my authentic, invariable nature is within me here and now; that all universal greatness and beauty is accessible at any given moment.”

For more details watch this video THE JOURNEY... that led me here or visit www.dearmour.me

Check-in: Thursday, October 10th 15:00 to 16:45
Check-out: Monday, October 14th 15:00

450 € - 4DAYS


3 organic vegetarian meals a day.
...dinner on Thursday.
...breakfast (for 3 day participants leaving) on Monday
...breakfast, and light lunch on Wednesday

Luxury accommodation, including sheets, blankets and towels. Maximum 2 people per room.

See the bottom of page for reservation details and practical information.


Bio Breathwork (everyday)...

Conscious breathing has long been used as a gateway to the subconscious. It is a powerful tool that supports the movement and release of held energies and deeply rooted physical, emotional and energetic traumas. The style of breath we will be using is based on bioenergetic breathing by Alexander Lowen.

For an example of the breathwork we will experience each morning, please watch this video: Introduction to 'Bio Breath'

Sound healing / Gong baths by Luisa Alba (every night)…

A sound bath is a group healing experience that uses gongs, bowls and voice to induce a meditative state making it possible for internal healing and insight to take place. The intention is to help balance the chakras, clear the mind and gently release stuck emotions and blocked energy that no longer serve us.    Sounds healing can help reduces stress, increases sleep quality, unlock creativity, release endorphins and relieve anxiety and depression.

De-armouring (DAY 1 & 2)...

De-armouring is an ancient aboriginal modality used to release amour held in our emotional, physical and energetic bodies. It helps actify movement of our ‘life force energy’ using focused pressure and/or shaking areas of the body that are holding the armour. For a visual example of external De-armouring I recommend watching these 2 videos:



Energetic Ecstatic Experience (DAY 3)...

Originating from primordial systems of energy practices, an Energetic Ecstatic Experience supports the movement and circulation of our sexual, creative or life force energies. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and offers the opportunity to access higher states of consciousness through experiencing deep joy and what some call “cosmic energetic pleasure”.

For a clear example, I invite you to watch this video:
Energetic Ecstatic Experience


If you suffer from serious anxiety, heart conditions, glaucoma or have recently had a major operation please inform me ahead of time. De-armouring & Energetic Ecstatic Experience’s are always done in pairs yet it is not necessary to come with a partner. Furthermore, both practices can be done with the same or opposite sex.

SCHEDULE (example)

Thursday: Check-in between 15h and 17h. Dinner at 17:15. Opening circle at 18:30. Cacao & Breath dance.

Friday through Tuesday...

Mornings: movement, breakfast. breathwork, lunch.

Afternoons: Masculine & Feminine inquiry / Relationship Mapping (day 1), external body De-armouring (day 2), Energetic Ecstatic Experience (day 3), external genital de-armouring (day 4), internal de-armouring (day 5)

Evenings: dinner, sound healing (every night), cuddle time

Wednesday: Morning movement, breakfast, breathwork, lunch, check-out.


PayPal: www.PayPal.me/dearmourEU *Please send as "Family or Friend" to avoid fees.

or EU Bank Transfer - IBAN DE91100110012626506267

Once the reservation has been made, please then send a confirmation email to dearmour@icloud.com with your full name and phone number.

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