30 November 2019


Man feeds on the earth through the root that is first fruit and then seed. The placenta nourishes, connects, protects and remembers the way in which we are closely linked to the Gaia.

The human being needs to return to the uterus of the perfect giver and take with humility and in just measure what she offers to support him. A child does not take in the mother's womb more oxygen or blood than her body requires to form and sustain.
Offering and sowing the feminine plantation is to use as a ritual element a sacred fabric of love and abundance, to remind us of the value of life, the importance of its care and the perfection of creation.
In many Native American communities, the placenta is sown under the hearth of the kitchen of the house, which is the family space ppr excellence, because around the fire it is shared, spoken, sung and the need to satisfy hunger is satisfied . The sown placenta connects the heirs of the lineage with their Common House, with their territory, their ancestors and their traditions ...

Going back to the proper and knowingly integrating the struggles and achievements of our ancestors is part of the message.


The placenta is food, medicine and shelter !!!
The placenta represents the mother and her selfless surrender
Let us remember with gratitude the way in which our mothers of blood were donated to us, the way in which we donated to our children and the way in which our Mother Earth donates day by day to humanity.
It is time to be born!


-14: 00-16: 00 sweatloge.
-16: 00-17: 00 offering ceremony and singing to the water.
-17: 00-18: 00 offering of placenta to mother earth.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes, a long skirt for woman and a simple blanket or coat. 

Contribution of participation: 20 euros.

For registration: contact us here or write us to info@innessence.org  

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