5 October 2019


Circle of women corn-expressing our emotions

We will gather around the sacred fire, to recognize our feminine power, through the natural manifestation of our emotions and our gifts; using as a vehicle in this journey of self-knowledge, acceptance, the sacred Muiscas medicines, the prayer of the Corn Woman, the circular dances and the ceremonial songs.

Chicha-sacred medicine Muisca:

Chicha is food and medicine at the same time. That has a sacred character. That reminds us that like corn seed, we have a cosmo-celestial origin. Prepared from several Andean grains, they are traditionally drunk as personal gratification once agricultural tasks are completed. In pre-Columbian culture there is no separation between food and medicine. Today a variety of plants with medicinal properties that were consumed with food is recognized. Chicha contributes to the assimilation of vitamins and provides a large amount of vitamin E, necessary for the formation of epithelial tissue and that in the form of tocopherol influences a healthy sex life, avoiding oxidation processes that can degenerate into cancer. The acidic medium of chicha also creates a hostile environment for the proliferation of parasites and pathogenic bacteria.

Saturday, October 5, 2019.
Start time: 3:00 p.m.

Contribution of participation "of the abundance of the heart".

We invite you to offer from the thought of abundance: a natural food to share in the encounter (fruits, nuts, snack, etc.) white candles, incenses, tobacco and flowers for the altar.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes, a long skirt and a simple blanket or coat.

This meeting is aimed at women who wish to share a space of magic and well-being, which allows them to mobilize healing energies of personal beliefs and generational chains that block the powerful and natural manifestation of their BEING.

Facilitated by: Jahaira Aranguren - member of the Muisca Community Corn Road.

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