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Journey of the Heart cacaoceremony

03 mei 2019

Become the HERO of your story ... Being a hero means that you are the author of your own life story. You can achieve this by throwing away the stories from your past, just like a snake does with its skin.

Being a hero means that you are the author of your own life story. You can achieve this by throwing away the stories from your past, just like a snake does with its skin. You will then no longer be a victim of what happened to you, but you will find the power to write your own brave story about power, healing and beauty.

We often play a role in life, a character. We play a father, mother, son or daughter, a coach, a manager, a misunderstood man or woman, the hurt person ... These are just figures that we have created to explain what happened to us. In fact, they are figments

that have nothing to do with what we really are. But in the long run this mask is something that merges with your Self. You identify with this with all its consequences. And the pain starts when you believe that these roles and stories that go with it are true. Just think of all the beliefs that go with these stories and how this affects our daily lives. Just think of the feeling of not being good enough.

As the hero of your story, you are going to release the limiting roles and figures with which you identify, including the belief that these are true. Your 'figures' then become what you 'do', but it's not who and what you are. In fact, we are all professional actors and actresses. Only the true self is lost in all the stories and characters we identify with.

"Every role you play is a collection of beliefs and a bag full of expectations and if those and other beliefs and expectations are not met, we will be disappointed and take it personally. If we let go of these roles, we can do it what we are called to do, and then we no longer take the world around us so personally.

Are you ready to become a hero? You will discover that every story is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can tell your story in such a way that you return to your strength ... In a whole new way. That's your hero story!


For whom? This event is for you if:


* You want to (re) discover yourself and want to get in deeper contact with your heart and soul.
* You want to spoil yourself with a retreat in a beautiful location. Retreat yourself!
* You are in the process of letting go of old stories and events or if you would like to start with this.
* You are curious about a cocoa ceremony with music, dance and other surprising elements.
* You want to open your heart more and share this with like-minded people.


What are you going to experience and learn?


* Experience the power of sharing and being able to be yourself without being convicted. You will discover that you are not alone. Despite our different external characteristics and stories, we are essentially one.
* Are you ready for a unit experience of feeling connected with each and everything around you?
* Experience what it is like to break free from emotional, mental and physical blockages through movement (literally and figuratively).
* This event will be a boost for your immune system thanks to the cocoa ceremony. And also a boost in positive and physical energy.
*Learn how to rewrite your own story so it has a positive change in your life. 
*Learn how to be more in the moment and play in several forms. This is something we often forget as a adult.




Friday, May 3

6 pm - 6.30 pm arrival

7 pm - Opening ceremony in chapel

The rest of the times are as an example so that you have a little insight into the program. This will flow in a natural way.

19.15 - Introduction without words (surprising, special and heart-opening)
19.30 - First round of cocoa (appetizer)
* You will find what drinking raw cocoa on my website:

19.45 - Short proposal round plus intention for retreat
20.00 - Who is Kelvin + example old story and hero story.
* At the age of 20 I cured my illnesses, depression and anxiety disorder by simply releasing the old story and writing a new story. I'm going to share with you how I did this. The tools
and techniques such as meditation, affirmations and visualizations that I used can be downloaded as an eBook. You get this after the event.

20.30 - Write your life story (old story)
20.45 - Write your hero story (new story)
* Pay attention! Of course you don't have to share this. This is purely for yourself and you can possibly work it out at home.

21.00 - Speak from the heart
21.15 - 2nd round of cocoa
21.30 - Dance journey through various inner qualities
* More info on my website:

22.45 - Short sharing
23.00 - Open evening until around 02.00. During the open evening there will be music where you can continue dancing. Various corners for good conversation, dance area, chill lounge, for example. There will also be some easily digestible food. Play, enjoy, dance and connect!
You can go to bed whenever you want, of course. 

Saturday, May 4

9.00 - Kundalini yoga

10.00 - breakfast
10.45 - silence walk
11.30 - Sharing + closing
12.00 - End


Early bird ticket for fast decision makers: until 31 March

Private room with private bathroom € 127
Shared double room with bathroom € 107
Shared 4 person room with bathroom € 97

Regular ticket from 1 April to 1 May
Private room with private bathroom € 147
Shared double room with bathroom € 127
Shared 4 person room with bathroom € 117

The amounts include all components, accommodation, food and breakfast. The beautiful surroundings and guidance and love of the team. SO ALL IN :)

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