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Yoga by Dayu

29 augustus 2019

As a wisdom keeper, Dayu participates at the Kiva gathering - Roots of the Earth 2019. After that, she gives special yoga / meditation and satsang meetings.


Ida Ayu Putu Purnamawati, or Dayu comes from an old family of Hindu high priests and healers in Klungkung, East Bali. Ever since her childhood, Dayu has a deep spiritual yearning and practices meditation and yoga on a daily basis. She shares her knowlegde with others in Pantai Mas, the spi- ritual center in North Bali. As a priestess, Dayu lives a modest life of compassion and service. A life that is sensitive to the needs of others, open, accessible and engaged. Practical and Mystical, Human and Holy, Society and Spirituality. All go hand in hand. 


Dayu’s approach to spirituality is in the purest form ‘the path of the heart’. She applies a practical ap- proach to loosen the ties that bind and condition us. It is a deep personal experience of purification, transformation to become aware that we, as a fully ‘realized human’, ultimately merge into the divine. 


Dayu shares her knowledge, energy and offers techniques for self-healing through mantras, mudras, breathing techniques and light physical asanas. You don’t need experience to join. 



Yoga by Dayu lasts 2.5 hours. She does not ask for money to share her knowledge and energy. Participation is based on donation. However, we give the suggestion to contribute 25,- per person for the basic costs. 


It is possible to request a personal healing. For an appointment or questions, please contact Annelies Theelen:


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