Through coaching I look with you at what you bring in; to the things that you now encounter in your private life or in your work. Personal processes that you just cannot get through; situations that you find difficult to deal with, or how you can deal with your (high) sensitivity.

In a coaching conversation I can give you insight into that situation or your process through my empathy. With that you get a guide to continue easier.

Insight is the beginning of change and growth!

If desired, this conversation can be supplemented with or continued with a relaxation massage or a healing. Through a massage or healing, what has been discussed can deepen in you and it will accelerate your process.

A relaxation massage brings you more into contact with your body, helps to release stress and fatigue. It gives you more energy.

Because of my presence and way of working, your body and mind come to rest and balance and you come into contact with your deeper feelings and inner wisdom.

The massage is always preceded by a (short) conversation in which we tune in and you can share what is on your mind.

Afterwards you can continue to enjoy and feel afterwards and share if desired. All in all, the massage lasts about an hour and a half.


A healing consists of a relaxing, sitting experience of the energy that I can pass on to you. Hereby the self-healing ability of your body is touched and set in motion.

Here I work intuitively, name what comes to mind, sometimes use sound and there is an interaction with what you indicate yourself.

Language (for treatments): Dutch, English

Session: 1.5 hours. € 50 - € 75 hours, (minimum income lower price)


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