History of former monastery Stokershorst and InnEssence

Our remote site at the Noordervaart was bought by the brothers of the order of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in 1893. In the village of Heibloem, 3 kilometres away, there was already a monastery of the same order. In this monastery, displaced children were taken care of and educated. Together with the friars, these children walked daily to the grounds of Stokershorst to build the new monastery. In 1900, the main building was ready and in 1903, 70 displaced children lived in the new monastery together with the friars. The children were either institutionalised or orphans and came to the monastery to be trained as painters, carpenters or blacksmiths. In 1906, the grounds were ready to receive the first Sunday services and in 1910 a farm was opened to train the children.

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The Germans destroyed the entire monastery. Only the dormitory for the boys and the dining room survived the war.

After the war was over, the monastery was used as a rest home for retired friars. The last residents left in 1972 and the monastery was put up for sale.

In 1974 the building came into the possession of a German couple who turned it into a reflection centre for adults.

After having served as a house for rest and reflection for a longer period, Stokershorst was bought by a married couple in 2016 and the Stokershorst Foundation became a reality. The aim was to create a loving place for young people who had become stuck in society with the desire to live as ecologically and self-sufficiently as possible as a community. The peace, nature and remoteness of the place did a lot of good to the young people who stayed there temporarily. Unfortunately, two years after the start of the project, it came to an end. The decision was made to cut down on the 24-hour care and this made it financially not possible for the owners of the Stokershorst Foundation to carry on with the place.

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The owners last wish for Stokershorst was to transfer the place without losing the soul and healing power of the place.

The universe answered the owners' wish: at the end of 2018, Stokershorst was taken over by two young entrepreneurs and the birth of InnEssence was a fact. The red thread of the whole project: the BIOCENTRISM Living out of respect for people, nature and animals. Everything starts with your own core and value. Here the BIOCENTRISM can revive and we are allowed to 'be'.

Vision - InnEssence wants to start a global movement and be a facilitator of inner life in people's lives in harmony with nature.

Mission - Here at Innessence we co-create a retreat centre / ecovillage, where we invite people to explore a life of heart connection. We do this by providing a place of retreat, insights and activities for groups and individuals. We promote a healthy living environment, while living in harmony with nature and being as self-sufficient as possible.

Stokershorst remains a place with variety, different people and different experiences, just like life itself.

The desire of the place is inner transformation and that does not always happen without turbulence.

See you soon!


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